War - slippin' into darkness

**ATTENTION** Supercell has removed the Inferno Towers’ ability to block any healing effect in the December 2017 Update. However, they have not changed the war weight and are closely monitoring it right now – maybe there will be a change to the war weight in the future but right now it’s still the same (Darian has been telling this here in this interview )

For the former crowd, there was only “Higher Love,” which sounded surprisingly off and choppy, sticking out severely from the rest of the set. For the latter, there were some brief mid-concert comments thanking the audience for coming out. “I know you’ve had a tough few weeks,” he offered kindly in his distinct English accent. “We’re going to bring you some music while you dry out.”

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War - Slippin' Into DarknessWar - Slippin' Into DarknessWar - Slippin' Into DarknessWar - Slippin' Into Darkness